Do I have to create a PayPal account to register for a class?
No! While our shopping cart does redirect you to PayPal to process payments, you will be given the option to enter your credit card information without creating a PayPal account. On the other hand, if you are a current PayPal customer, you may also use that for payment.

What is the cost for classes / training?
Because we are primarily a mobile training company, the cost can vary from class to class. The base cost for most of the hands-on firearms training is $225-$250 per person, per day. There are other factors that can either raise or lower the base cost, such as distance our instructors have to travel and total number of students.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, we can offer group rates if you host a training class at your site. Discount varies depending on your location and total number of attendees. Please contact us for details.

Do you offer customized classes?
Yes! Please see our Training page for information on Customized Classes.

What kind of facilities are needed to host a hands-on training class?
Normally, hands-on training courses are held at local gun clubs, public ranges or private ranges. A site survey is required for us to come and train at your range. This survey can be very easy if you have a well-established range such as a gun club or long-standing range. For a private range, we will have to physically inspect it to make sure it will meet our safety standards. Please contact us for details.

Is your training targeted for police, military or civilians?
All of our listed classes are designed for civilians. We offer classes from beginner to advanced and can change-up any class to suit your experience level. In addition, we can customize and tailor classes for law enforcement and other groups.

Are your classes physically strenuous?
Some people have been concerned about not being 'in shape' enough for our advanced classes. Sure, all of us could be in better shape. The question you should ask yourself is, if someone was threatening me or my family right now, what would I do? With that question in mind, yes, you are probably in good enough shape to train with us. A day at the range can be long and we will ask you to push yourself, but we will not expect you to do anything you can't do.

Do I have to bring my own ammunition?
We prefer if you bring your own ammunition to the hands-on training. Some classes require special types of ammo, but these requirements will be on a case-by-case basis. If you don't have ammo, you can buy through us and pick it up the day of training. We will need a few weeks notice beforehand to get it for you. We suggest that you do not use steel-cased ammo, unless you are using an AK-type carbine.

Am I required to bring my own firearm to class?
You must bring your own firearm to use in the hands-on classes as we do not rent or loan firearms. Make sure your weapon is in good working order and is clean enough for a hard day's work. We also suggest that you bring a back-up in case you experience any malfunctions with your primary gun during training. We have limited time and can't stop training to fix anything but the simplest of problems. You also should bring a good cleaning kit for your gun.

What are the age requirements?
You must be at least 18 years old to attend any hands-on firearm classes. We can make some exceptions, but this will be up to the discretion of the Rockwell Staff. Let's face it - there are some very mature and intelligent 14 year-olds and some pretty dumb 35 year-olds. In order to attend, the minor must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Please contact us prior to signing up your child for one of our hands-on classes.

At what experience level do I need to be at to attend training?
It really doesn't matter what level you're at. We can take someone who has never touched a firearm before and teach them how to confidently use it. We can also work with someone who has had years of experience in the military or law enforcement and help them to improve. There is always something more to learn. We have the background and experience to work with anyone at their own level and help them to be a better shooter.

Why do you teach and train?
It all boils down to a love for our country. In our military service we have taught and worked with so many good people in other countries. But nothing compares to working with a mother who wants to be able to better protect her children or the person who feels it is their duty to carry, but wants to do it responsibly. We get a real satisfaction from being able to pass what we have learned and experienced on to our fellow citizens.